Scale your customer service with artificial intelligence

Take a leap in productivity, reduce costs and improve your customer experience with the power of generative artificial intelligence.

Gen AI and LLMs based software
Automatic, fast and accurate responses
Seamless integration with your CRM
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Up your productivity without sacrificing satisfaction

  • Automate your customer requests with AI
  • Minimize your customer service costs
  • Provide instant and accurate responses 24/7

Seamless and fast integrations

Integrate our software into your current CRM without frictions. You'll have automated customer service emails and chat in the blink of an eye.

AI Powered saas

Resolve more than 50% of your customers questions, instantly

Our software is able to respond to your customers automatically and support your agents with key information.

Email & chat automation

Instant responses via email and chat incorporating multiple sources: FAQs, public websites, support information, customer databases, and much more.


Real-time information to enhance agent productivity. Including data on contracted services, previous conversations, and email draft suggestions.

Quality assurance

Continuous evaluation, scoring, and reporting of response quality on a customized dashboard.


Protection of your customers' data through the implementation of OpenAI with Azure (Microsoft)


Barkibu has already automated 58% of its tickets

Barkibu is the fastest-growing pet insurance company in Spain and Germany. With over 40,000 customers, it has decided to implement Rauda AI to automatically and instantly resolve incidents via email and chat.


Increase in agent productivity due to the implementation of the copilot.


Improvement in customer satisfaction KPIs (CSAT score).


Email conversations resolved automatically with artificial intelligence.

“A revealing experience about what can be done with artificial intelligence. Now we provide responses 30% faster in all cases"
Pablo Pazos
Co-CEO Barkibu

Meet our founders

They meet at BBVA to launch their first startup together, Muno. Rauda is already the third one after several experiences at McKinsey, Ferrovial, and other startups. By the way, I think they are hiring.

Ion Cuervas-Mons, CEO

Ion has tried many things, music, architecture, strategic consulting, big corporations, but what has always hooked him the most is building new businesses. He also loves to surf poorly, play the guitar so-so, read, meditate, and he also has a podcast.

Jorge Tercero, CTO

At the age of 10, Jorge bought a book called Basic for Kids to take his first steps on a Spectrum. Since then, he has been surrounded by books and computers. When he discovered that he could make a living from this, he couldn't believe it, and he is still just as amazed.